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Tracksy Terms of Use
Hello! Welcome to Tracksy!

The following outlines the contractual terms (referred to as the "Terms of Use" or "Agreement") established between you, referred to as "The Buyer", and our entity, referred to as "Tracksy". Your continued utilization of the Tracksy website, the Tracksy Web Application, or engagement with any content or material available on our site, signifies your acceptance and adherence to the stipulated terms within this Agreement.

Tracksy is a service offered by Tracksy Holdings LLC, a California company, 1920 Hillhurst Ave #1021 Los Angeles , CA 90027 ("Tracksy Holdings LLC").

The music provided by Tracksy is subject to several music license types between the Buyer and Tracksy, which govern the Buyers' right to use the music.

GENERAL Tracksy is a sophisticated web-based software tool that allows you to access and create unique music. The Buyer accesses Tracksy via the website's online interface only. You cannot parse or automate the process of music downloading and generating. You cannot use Tracksy for any nefarious or illegal activity.

On Tracksy, with “TRACKSY CREATE” you can perform many activities:


ATTRIBUTION Attribution is required from free users and appreciated from paying Tracksy users. In the description or post please add “Co-created with” for the attribution.

MONETIZING In order to make money from, monetize, or use the music commercially you co-create with Tracksy, you must be a paying subscriber. Go to our pricing page here to see our paid plans

If you are a free user, you can share the music anywhere you’d like but you cannot make money from it, monetize it, or use it commercially in any capacity.

EXAMPLES OF COMMERCIAL USE Any use of the music that makes money is considered commercial use. This includes monetization on sites like YouTube, Twitch, etc. and licensing your songs for use in TV, film, podcasts and or advertisements.

If you would like to use your songs commercially, you would need to subscribe to one of our paid plans. Go to Tracksy’s pricing page for more details here: You must remain on a paid plan to be protected by our license.

RETROACTIVE USE Subscribing to a paid plan allows you to monetize the music you created as a free plan user. You must remain on a paid plan to be protected by our license.

TRACKSY ACCOUNT To own an account, you must be 18 years of age or older. If you are below this age, you are required to obtain consent from a legal adult, who is at least 18 years old. This consenting adult will bear responsibility for all your actions associated with the account. When you register, you get a Tracksy account that allows you to:

FREE USER Once you have a FREE account, you may have (or may not have) the option to download limited music (low-quality Items) free of charge within the limits as written below. You must explicitly mention and state Tracksy as the copyright holder in any use of Tracksy music.

In any and all use of free music you should cite “This music track was co-created with”

SUBSCRIPTION Choose a Tracksy Subscription plan for a designated duration known as the Subscription Period. This Subscription entitles you to a license, permitting you to download music within the tenure of the Subscription Period. Once a subscription is cancelled your license for the music you download from Tracksy is voided. To ensure you have a valid license that allows you to use the music, you must remain on a paid plan. Subscription Fees can be settled on an annual or monthly basis - while prices may vary, the terms of the license consistently endure.

LICENSE Once the Buyer has a Tracksy account, they are licensed to synchronize the Item with footage, TV, advertisements, audiovisual images for creating films, or internet video (synchronization license) under the specific license that was chosen during the purchase process. Tracksy reserves the right to create any license at its own discretion. Your license may be attached and located together with the digital musical track file in the archive. Feel free to use the license file as a confirmation of your rights. If you do not get the license, contact us and we will provide you with one.

SUBSCRIPTION ITEM PRICES The total amount of the Subscription Fee consists of:

CURRENCY CONVERSION COSTS Any currency conversion costs associated with transactions on Tracksy fall under your purview. The financial institution you engage with performs the currency conversion and may impose additional charges for this service.

DOWNLOADING TERMS When you download music on Tracksy, you’re doing so on the following terms:

REFUNDS Considering the digital format of the products, we cannot provide any refunds once a purchase has been made.

TAXES All costs, charges, and fees are generally inclusive of relevant taxes. It is your duty to cover any such taxes or duties that arise from your use of Tracksy, irrespective of location. If withholding tax is applicable, it falls under your jurisdiction — unless we are already handling that specific withholding tax.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY We own all the Tracksy software and all the content that we have put on Tracksy: Tracksy websites and Tracksy App, copyright, trademarks, designs, and other intellectual property. You may not copy, distribute, modify, or make derivative works of any of our Tracksy Content or use any of our intellectual property in any way not expressly stated in the License.

COPYRIGHT CLAIM AND INFRINGEMENT If You have received a claim from any third party on your video, animation, or any content with an item embedded in it (derivative work), please ensure you:

RESPECT FOR PRIVACY We attach significant importance to safeguarding your privacy. Our treatment of your personal details is conducted in a strict manner. We collect any data that you willingly provide and use it to improve your experience, fulfill contractual obligations, and comply with legal mandates. However, we firmly uphold the principle of non-disclosure; we do not sell, lease, rent, or trade your data with third parties. Appropriate security measures are in place to protect your data. Depending on your location, you have certain rights over your data, including access, correction, erasure, and transfer. We periodically update our Privacy Policy, the details of which can be accessed at any time.

REMOVAL OF CONTENT We hold the unilateral authority and exclusive right to delete any content as we see fit for any reason whatsoever.

USER LIMITATIONS We maintain the right, at our sole judgment, to restrict your access, cease any of your Tracksy accounts, or refuse to execute a transaction, possibly leading to an indefinite freeze on your account balance, should we prudently identify a hazard linked to you, your Tracksy account, or the concerned payment, including but not limited to scenarios that may contravene laws or regulations.

EXEMPTION FROM LIABILITY Tracksy assumes no responsibility for any harm, whether immediate or consequential, encompassing but not limited to loss of earnings or clientele, loss of data or information. It is prudent for all users to keep a backup of their relevant data.

ADJUSTMENTS TO USAGE TERMS Tracksy retains the solitary right to make amendments to these Terms of Use at any point as deemed fitting.

MAINTAINING EFFECTIVENESS In the event that any clause within these Terms of Use is determined to be void, both you and Tracksy collectively consent that the remaining provisions will uphold their validity and remain in full force and effect.

GOVERNING LAW The provisions in these Terms of Use are subject to the laws of the State of California, USA. Any disagreement regarding the interpretation and/or execution of these Terms shall be resolved within USA jurisdictions, negating the authority of any other jurisdiction.

INDEMNIFICATION At the behest and request of Tracksy, you agree to hold harmless, safeguard, and indemnify Tracksy, inclusive of its affiliated entities, contractors, leaders, officers, and staff from all charges, responsibilities, and expenses (comprising reasonable legal fees) associated with any violation of this Agreement by you.

IMPORTANT NOTICE Please DO NOT enroll music that you created in Tracksy in any Content ID systems. Music created in our "Tracksy Create" tool CANNOT be distributed through music streaming platforms (for instance, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, etc.) or music stock services. HOWEVER, music created with our "Tracksy Revamp" tool CAN be distributed through these streaming platforms and placed in music stock services. Thank you.

MONTHLY TRACK CREATIONS LIMIT Both Discarding and Saving tracks count towards your plan's monthly limit.


* With Tracksy’s Music You CAN:

* While on a paid plan. See paid plans.

With Tracksy's Music You CAN’T: